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Aged 21 Years And Above SPM Holders and Above

(For SPM holder ,you need to have 3 credits in any subjects)

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Benefits Of Being PMB Investment's Unit Trust Consultant

  • Flexible working hours.
  • Achieve financial independence.
  • Free trips and recognition.
  • Opportunity to build your own business empire
  • Various sources of income and incentives
  • Free training and market outlook session
  • Continuous career benefit
Additional Benefits

  1. Free Takaful Scheme
  2. Profit Sharing Incentive Profit sharing incentive refers to various incentive plans introduced by the agency that provide direct or indirect payments to recruiter which depend on company’s profitability. In publicly traded companies, these plans typically amount to allocation of shares to employees.
  3. Breakaway Bonus Breakaway Bonus is an incentive payable to the recruiter at Group Agency Manager. It is a recognition of the recruiter’s effort and achievement in guiding and grooming another Unit Trust Agent who is her/his downline, until the downline is promoted to UTC-GAM/SCM rank.
  4. Equalisation Bonus
  5. Agency Office Incentives

Why Join PMB Investment, The Most Experienced Unit Trust Company In Malaysia?

We have been in the market for more than five decades. Our current and latest achievement;


  • 1 Award | Best Islamic Management – GIFA 2020
  • 1 Award | The Excellence Shariah Fund Management Company (Marquis Enterprise Category – LICTA 2020
  • 1 Award | Company of the Year Award :  Promoting Education and Investment Literacy – Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Award 2020


  • 2 Awards | The Lipper Fund Awards from Refinitiv 2019
  • 2 Awards | The Lipper Fund Awards Global Islamic 2019
  • 1 Award | The Morningstar Awards 2019


  • 4 Awards | The Edge Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards 2018
  • 4 Awards | The Edge Thomson Reuters Lipper Global Islamic Fund Awards 2018
  • 1 Award | MorningStar Awards 2018
  • 1 Award | FundSupermart Awards 2018

With up to 18 awards won up to date since 2018, PMB Investment is your best choice for you to start gaining unlimited income, part time or full time!

Why Choose To Become A Unit Trust Consultant?

Investors seek advice of professionals in the wake of the economic uncertainty, creating an increasing need for the future generation of financial advisers.

Agency Structure

There are four (4) tiers in Agency Structure and three (3) in Career Agency.

a.  Agencies Structure

  Tier   Rank
  1st   Agent (AG)
  2nd   Agency Supervisor (AS)
  3rd   Agency Manager (AM)
  4th   Group Agency Manager (GAM)


b. Career Agency

   Tier   Rank
    1st   Advisor (AD)
    2nd   Senior Advisor (SA)
    3rd   Principal Advisor (PA)


Types Of Unit Trust Consultant Income

  1. Direct Commission (Cash & EPF Sales) Direct Commission is payable to the unit trust agent who holds a valid contract with PMB Investment and is registered and licensed to distribute the scheme. For example, a Unit Trust Agent will receive a certain percentage of the total cash investment secured.
  2. Career Benefit Career Benefit is a commission that is calculated from the size of investment assets that PMB Investment manages.
  3. Overriding You decide the rank you desire. The highest rank is Group Agency Manager (GAM). Interestingly as a leader, not only you will earn direct overriding commission, but the GAM also earns indirectly from the downline.
  4. Year End Bonus It is given based on the percentage of unit sales at the end of the year. Year-end bonus is paid for the personal sale of more than RM 400,000 per year at the rate of 0.15%. The higher your personal sale is, the higher the rate.
Unit Trust Consultant Eligibility

  • Aged 21 years and above.
  • Obtain credits in at least three (3) SPM subjects or equivalent, or higher academic qualification(s).
  • Sign a statutory declaration attesting to the above attributes and must not be in breach of the signed statutory declaration at all times.
  • Pass the Computerised Unit Trust Examination (CUTE) .
Required Documents

  • 1x IC photocopy.
  • 4x passport-sized photos.
  • 1 x highest education certification, minimum SPM.
  • RM260.00 for exam fees.

Summary – How to become our Certified Consultant flow map