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EPF Investment Calculator
Calculate The Amount You Can Invest

Use the calculator to get an estimation of eligible amount to transfer from your EPF savings for investment with any appointed Fund Management Institution by EPF.

(Enter only numbers in the boxes. Commas and the percentage (%) characters are not allowed. Numbers entered must be greater than '0')


Notes :

  • The amount of savings that can be invested is 30% of the amount in excess of the basic savings in Account 1.
  • Formula:
    Invested Amount = (Balance in Account 1 - Basic Savings) x 30%
  • Amount that can be invested is an estimated amount of gross calculation for the member Investment Scheme and is subject to the minimum withdrawal amount of RM1,000.00.

Disclaimer: Please note that the amount that can be invested is an estimated calculation based on the information you have provided. The actual investment eligibility is based on the available balance in Account 1 and subject to the current Member Investment Scheme terms and conditions.

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