Before investing, you are advised to read and understand the contents of the Master Prospectus dated 1 July 2019 which had been registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia. Any issue of units to which the Prospectus relate to will only be made in the receipt of the application form referred to in and accompanying the Prospectuses. The Prospectus are obtainable from our authorized agents or the nearest PMB Investment offices. You should consider the fees and charges involved. The prices of units and distributions payable (if any) may go down as well as up. Your investment is subject to stock market, and profit/interest rate fluctuation risks. A Product Highlight Sheet (PHS) is available and investors have the right to request for a PHS and the PHS and any other product disclosure document should be read and understood before making any investment decision.

The content of this website do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell unit trust fund. You are advised that the unit trusts offered are solely on the basis of the information contained in the prospectus. Any other material outside the designated area of the Prospectus does not form any part of the Prospectus.

Our unit trust offerings are available in Malaysia only. Units will only be issued when we receive the official application form referred to in and accompanying the Prospectus.

Buying and selling of units cannot be conducted through this website. You can contact our Investor Careline at 03-2785 9900 to obtain further information concerning investing in unit trust funds.